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You Never Know Who’s Watching You…

Sep 8, 2018 | blog

The excitable little guys featured in the heading for this blog on my latest Mrs Charles murder mystery have been hovering in the wings for a very long time, polishing the lenses in their binoculars while waiting for this big moment to arrive.  I hope they aren’t going to be disappointed…

So with no apology for blowing my own trumpet, I am giving a long, loud blast from it to announce that finally – and at long last! – the Kindle e-book publication of the thirteenth novel in my Mrs Charles Murder Mystery Series, “Someone’s Watching” – which has again been set in the fictional village of Little Gidding – is live   I had intended to name the novel “Village on Trial” which is actually quite accurately what this particular murder mystery is all about as very few of Little Gidding’s inhabitants could be excused from a line-up of suspects and considered for the dubious title of “Sadistic Killer of the Year”.

Never mind someone watching the inhabitants of Little Gidding!

As I sit here typing this, I can feel a definite chill running up and down my spine.  Someone is watching me!  “Be brave,” I say to myself, swallowing my fear.  “Look behind you, Mignon.”

Sure enough.  Two pairs of beady eyes are watching me intently, staring me into submission.  Never mind writing blogs, is the message I’m getting loud and clear.  Where’s our walk?  That’s what my two retired, racing greyhounds, Dylan and Gez, want to know…





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