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The Tarot Murders (The Mrs Charles Murder Mysteries Book 2) Kindle Edition


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Young women are being murdered, the only clue to the identity of their killer, a Tarot card left with their bodies. That is, according to Professor Rupert Roxeth, the recognised authority on the Tarot called in by the Gidding police to assist them in their enquiries into the murders.

The clairvoyant, Edwina Charles, when approached privately by ex-Detective Chief Superintendent David Sayer, acting on behalf of friends of his, who have a vested interest in knowing the identity of the Tarot murderer, has other ideas. Her reading of the cards left by the Tarot murderer tells an entirely different story.

Playing a lone hand, Mrs Charles pits her wits against the Tarot murderer, using both her knowledge of the Tarot and her undisputed natural psychic skills, before he claims yet another victim. It proves to be no easy task. She finds herself up against Professor Roxeth, who is far more interested in protecting his reputation than in finding the Tarot murderer. Added to the mix is Amery Walters, a prominent racehorse trainer with a guilty conscience, and young nursing students with petty jealousies.

It becomes a game between the Tarot murderer and Mrs Charles, a deadly game that only one of them can win.

Coming soon… SPEAK NO EVIL, the 7th Mrs Charles Murder Mystery