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Someone once said that most of us lead boring lives. Not so Ernie Sloggit, and you had better believe it. When it comes to talking himself out of trouble, no one is better at it. He is a ne’er-do-well serial fantasist and no one in his or her right mind should ever believe a word he says. There can be only one positive about Ernie Sloggit. A wily and clever opportunist, no secret can ever be kept safe from him.

No one knows him better than his daughter, Berenice Romano, who has lived with his Walter Mitty fantasies all of her life. His latest bizarre fantasy that he is being stalked by a professional hitwoman convinces Berenice that he is suffering from senile dementia. Ernie, however, is just one of her problems. Her own personal life is falling apart. She is convinced that her ex-husband, Mario, is planning on abducting their daughter and taking her with him to Italy to live with his family, and she is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the questionable demands that are being made upon her by her employer, the world-renowned spirit medium, Dolly Wakeham, in the run-up to Dolly’s nationwide tour of all the big cities.

Berenice’s growing suspicion that a woman named Mary O’Hara is stalking both her and her father, does not improve matters. Berenice is convinced that Mario has hired Mary to gather evidence to prove that she, Berenice, is an unfit mother: Ernie – for once, not without with good reason – is insistent that Mary is a professional assassin and that he is her target.

Father and daughter are both right and wrong about Mary. Ernie is definitely being stalked, but not by Mary, whose target is much bigger and far more important than either Berenice or her father who are mere pawns in her deadly game.

There is only one thing that everybody has got right about Mary when inevitably all paths eventually cross. She is on a fanatical mission, with never the slightest possibility of her failing to make her ‘hit’, a hit that will change the course of all their lives.

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