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The Lopinot Dollmaker Kindle Edition


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Never get personally involved… Something Chick Fowler, an investigative journalist, has never had a problem with before. But then a series of articles on the spread of Satanism throughout the middle-classes was a first for him, too. It brought him into contact with the Herberts, whose daughter, Cathy – according to her father, Jack – was sold into white slavery by Satanists… Or worse, ritually sacrificed by them at the most depraved of all of their Satanic rituals, a Black Sabbat. And now Jack Herbert won’t let go. Hunting down and unmasking the key members of the sinister Satanic Cult of Seth has become an obsession with him.

The regular reports of the cult’s activities, which Jack sends off to Fowler, all fetch up the same way – unread and in the dustbin. Phone messages and calls at Fowler’s home by Jack are determinedly ignored by the journalist. Desperate now, Jack tries a new tack. He calls at the home of Fowler’s mother and Fowler’s sister, Rosalind, hoping to enlist their aid in persuading Fowler to assist him in his crusade against the Cult of Seth and Satanism.

Rosalind feels sorry for Jack, and when she learns that Jack is dead, she decides that if her brother won’t do something and investigate the Cult of Seth, she will. Rosalind has no idea that in so doing, her life will immediately become forfeit. Basilio, the Lopinot dollmaker, who has the power to invade people’s minds while they sleep and then take control of them, has been ordered by the cult to use his powerful voodoo magic to make a killing doll. Rosalind’s death at the hands of the dollmaker will be the cult’s warning to Fowler not to get involved.

But then matters take a much darker turn. The cult’s leader, the Living God Seth, suddenly calls Basilio off. Rosalind, a virgin, is to be ritually sacrificed by Seth instead at a celebration of that foulest of all obscenities, a Black Sabbat.

It becomes a race against time for Fowler, with every minute becoming more terrifyingly dangerous for all concerned.

And now the day of reckoning… Fowler’s worst nightmare is about to begin, and no one will walk away from the night of the Black Sabbat untouched by it.

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