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The Girl Who Was Clairvoyant (The Mrs Charles Murder Mysteries Book 4) Kindle Edition


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There were few who would have said that the letter Edwina Charles received from deeply troubled Peggy May, a former dancer with an end-of-pier dancing troupe who, twenty-five years earlier, had requested the clairvoyant to read the cards for her, didn’t fulfil the prophecy of the Tarot.

Except for one thing…

It was not Mrs Charles’s interpretation of the Tarot cards in Peggy’s reading. With the passing of the years, a certain sequence of disturbing events in Peggy May’s life had led her to misinterpret the clairvoyant’s reading to fit them, and with fatal consequences, not just for Peggy, but for those closest and dearest to her.

It was too late for Mrs Charles to help Peggy, it was always too late, but not too late to right a terrible wrong which the clairvoyant knows she cannot ignore despite the grave risk she knew she would be taking in meddling in the affairs of other people… Particularly of those living in an introverted, close-knit community who knew that Peggy had written to her and that sooner or later she would respond, in person, to Peggy’s plea for help and be a definite threat to them. All the clairvoyant had to do was to stay away from them and get on with her own life. Leave them to keep their ugly secrets and get on with theirs. They knew, though, that it was inevitable that one day she would come, but it was of no real consequence or threat to them. They were ready for her. Waiting.

Some secrets are deadly, never more so than the one which had cast a shadow over Peggy’s life. The clairvoyant had warned Peggy to beware of a hermit with a secret which, if she discovered what that secret was and didn’t heed her warning, would destroy her.

This was fair enough… Peggy freely admitted in her letter that there was a hermit – the ghost of an old prior, a Cornish smuggler of fine old French brandy – who wandered about the cliff-tops of Michaelmas Cove where Peggy and her late husband, Albert, had lived for many happy, contented and untroubled years. The hermit was part of local folklore; had probably never existed. He couldn’t harm Peggy.

The girl who was clairvoyant, though, could.

And did…
Coming soon… ‘The Tarot Murders’, the 2nd Mrs Charles Murder Mystery.

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