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The Devil’s Hand (The Mrs Charles Murder Mysteries Book 9) Kindle Edition


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It had long been rumoured that there was a witches’ coven active in Little Gidding, but that was all it was, a rumour. That is until the body of the old woman widely known in the village as “the Black Widow” was discovered staked to a scarecrow and ritually burnt to death as a witch.

It falls to the clairvoyant, Edwina Charles, and the tarot cards to prove not only the Black Widow’s connection with witchcraft and the spate of anonymous letters circulating in the village that warned, “I am the Devil’s Hand. I know your guilty secret;’ but also who murdered her and why. A further horrific ritual black magic sacrificial killing and more anonymous letters do little to help matters, not least of which is the threat to the clairvoyant’s own life.

‘I am the Devil’s Hand,’ confessed Rosemary Linthorpe. But was she?
The 10th Mrs Charles murder mystery, ‘The Tarot Reading’, is soon to follow.