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Illusion (The Mrs Charles Murder Mysteries Book 6) Book



What was expected to have been a night to remember proves to be exactly that, but for all the wrong reasons.

An invitation to a lavish dinner party at a country mansion was intended to be a special thank you to the creative team of the West End smash hit musical, ‘Abracadabra’, instead of which it proves to be a night of pure horror for all concerned, with murder the main dish on the menu.

What none of the creative team realizes is that Danny Midas, the producer and director of the musical – on whose life the show is based – has somewhat controversially hired a professional clairvoyant, Edwina Charles, to tell him which member of the team is behind a death threat he has received.

Mrs Charles has little more to work on than a threatening note that was delivered to Danny at the theatre, and what she has been told of the night Danny answered the door of his home and someone fired off several rounds of blank shots at him before vanishing into the darkness.

Danny’s bitterness towards his wife, Jo, who walked out on him many years ago, is believed to be the motive for the threat to his life. Ignoring the protests of Bennie Rosenberg, who wrote the book and is the composer of the show’s music and lyrics, Danny had insisted that Jo should be portrayed in the worst possible light.

So who among the team is being used by Jo to exact her revenge?

Or is there a much bigger, more sinister hidden agenda behind the death threat Danny has received?

As Lilla Osborne, the costume designer, warns the rest of the team, Edwina Charles is no fool. Watch out!

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