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Emma and the Witchypool Witches Paperback


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Emma Parson’s invitation to thoroughly spoilt Willow Darling’s birthday party was very specific.  DRESS FORMAL  Emma has only one problem with this, and it’s a big one.  Her mother cannot afford to buy her the dress she has set her heart on.  With only four days to go before the party, Emma has to act fast.

 Somehow she has to find the money she needs.

Emma has no option, she has to get a job, and the Wanted Urgently Situations Vacant card in a newsagent’s window is the answer to her predicament.  Fortunately, she has the required qualifications for walking a much-loved pet dog named Algernon and, after giving it much thought, she makes this absolutely clear when she sits down and composes the reference she must supply.

Emma finds herself in a very sticky situation when she attends her job interview with Algernon’s three owners at their very strange cottage in Witchypool Lane.  The first obstacle she has to overcome is Algernon.  He isn’t a pet dog.  The second, his owners – three, even stranger, very old ladies – are witches, who don’t like children and can’t be trusted.





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