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Death in Time (The Mrs. Charles Murder Mysteries Book 3) Book



Everyone makes mistakes, no one would deny that. But the one Nigel Playford made in allowing his sister, Cynthia, to accompany him to a magicians’ convention in Wales over the Easter holiday weekend was monumental. Never mind that it was thanks to Cynthia’s friendship with the clairvoyant, Edwina Charles, that Mrs Charles agreed to give a lecture on clairvoyance and fortune-telling to the magicians’ wives while their menfolk were otherwise engaged. Cynthia was spoiling for a fight and Nigel knew it.

Cynthia and the wife of her ex-lover had brawled publicly at the last magicians’ convention they had all attended, and the scene was set for the two women, once they met again, to finish what they had started. The consensus of all attending the Welsh convention was that it was inevitable.

But then Cynthia surprised everyone. She had an entirely different agenda for the weekend that was far more spectacular than an undignified cat-fight. Halfway up Great Mountain, she got off the early morning ride she took with a stranger on the town’s main tourist attraction, a cabin lift… Stepped out of the cabin and into fresh air, falling into the valley below and onto spiked railing in a graveyard. An accident? Or was it murder?

Ex-Detective Chief Superintendent David Sayer, the investigator hired by the insurance company covering the cabin lift proprietor’s responsibility for providing a safe ride for his customers, has his suspicions. Something doesn’t add up.

Who was the man who rode up the mountain with Cynthia Playford? No one seems to know. The answer, however, lies in an envelope that has gone missing from Cynthia’s shoulder bag. But where is it? Who took it and why?

Mrs Charles has the answer and more. A warning. But even with David Sayer as an ally, she fails to convince the local police that steps should be taken immediately to prevent another death equally, if not more dramatic than Cynthia’s. A price both the police and the next person to die in similarly spectacular circumstances that weekend have to pay.

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