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Daniel in Downder an dor (The Daniel Trilogy Book 2) Book


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It was the same thing all over again. Without warning, Daniel Peabody finds himself banished back to his miserly Great Uncle Jasper’s run-down farm in Cornwall. There is one consolation, though. He now has an opportunity to go back to the shored-up tunnels in the mine on Mabyn Beach where Daniel, with the aid of the black killer rats of the Cornish despot, King Aelfric’s Imperial Guard, saved the children known as the Disappeared from the cruel monks of the Mestrysy. His main task is to find the Disappeared a permanent place to live, someplace where they will be safe forever from the clutches of the Mestrysy and will never again have to work as slaves in the Mestrysy’s mines digging for gold and true silver.

But something very sinister is going on!

It’s not just the Disappeared who have again mysteriously disappeared.

Now EVERYONE is disappearing!

Daniel and his friends, John, Edward and Alice Smith, find themselves risking their lives in the black-bearded tyrant, Aelfric’s underworld kingdom, Downder an dor, as they seek an answer to this new, far more terrifying mystery.

Aelfric seeks revenge. He has declared war on all of the people of the north land, Cleth, who banished him forever to his dark, dank underworld kingdom. His secret weapon is his army of black, killer rats, and the Disappeared are the pawns in his evil plan to regain his rule over Cleth and its people.

The stakes are high; it is a race against time. A race that Daniel – who, whether he likes it or not, is the Chosen One – soon discovers he is almost certainly destined to lose.

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