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Daniel and the Disappeared (The Daniel Trilogy Book 1) Kindle Edition


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‘Listen carefully and heed my words,’ the old woman whispered, a strange gleam in her eye. ‘The hour has come, all treachery shall be avenged, all wrongs made right. Open the door to that dark and evil place where only the disappeared may walk… Let he who has been chosen pass through from the light and into the dark and move freely among them. There will be no mercy. Vengeance shall be mine…’

These secretly whispered words are confirmation of Daniel’s worst fears, but his mother simply won’t listen to him. There are hideous terrors waiting for him at his penny-pinching Great Uncle Jasper’s rundown farm in Cornwall, but everything has been arranged, his suitcase packed.

He is doomed. Caught helplessly in a trap like one of the black killer rats of King Aelfric’s Imperial Guard which become his friends and save his life… Trapped like the Cornish children known mysteriously for well over a hundred years as ‘the disappeared’. And like it or not, Daniel has been chosen. He must find them. And as he and his three new Cornish friends – John, Edward and Alice Smith – learn to their cost, at the risk of their becoming the disappeared themselves. Or, in other words, disappeared children forever, the ageless captive slaves of the cruel, white-robed Mam and the evil, faceless monks of the Mestrysy who inhabit the tunnels in the old, abandoned mine-workings under the sand dunes on Mabyn Beach and from whom there can be no escape.

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