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Bad Fellas (The East End Nine-to-Five Shelter Book 3) Paperback


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This is it, payback, and Johnnie “the Boot” Swann, boss of the East End Swann gang, has a master plan for taking out his rivals, the Beaney brothers and with them, Star Cleary, and it isn’t going to be with all guns blazing. It all looks good for Johnnie, but then what goes round, comes round. Johnnie would have done well to remember this and been ready to expect the unexpected. No one could say he wasn’t warned.

The story of the Nine-to-Five Shelter continues in BAD book #4, scheduled to be published in 2016. The unexpected for Johnnie doesn’t end with BAD FELLAS. And he isn’t the only one to be caught up in what is to come. It is a bolt from the blue, and something neither he nor the Beaney brothers and in particular, Star Cleary, would have ever considered possible.

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