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Murder Mysteries

May 30, 2017 | blog

The answer I give when asked where I got the idea for the first of my current twelve Mrs Charles Murder Mysteries has to be credited to my husband’s late aunt whose tongue was even sharper than Margaret Sayer’s, one of the characters who feature in the majority of these novels and who has most to say about everybody and everything going on in the village where some of these mysteries are set. We loved her dearly, despite all of her many frustratingly irritating little idiosyncrasies. She loved murder mysteries – Agatha Christie’s in particular – and she lived long enough to read most of my Mrs Charles novels. I often wondered if she could see herself in Miss Sayer. Personally I think she could – her eye was equally as sharp as her tongue – but she never said, and bless her heart, she enjoyed these books of mine and was my biggest fan – probably the biggest ever. I should have dedicated one of these novels to her for her unwitting contribution to them and one day I will.

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