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In the Beginning

Oct 1, 2018 | blog

This was the first of my thirteen Mrs Charles Murder Mysteries and that is me, sitting at my desk in what was then our London home.  ‘A Nice Way to Die’ was the original title of this novel.  It had just been published in the UK and this photograph was used with a newspaper interview to promote it.  The title was changed a year or so later by my American editor for the publication of this novel in the US where it went into a second hardback edition before being published in paperback..

There is a glimpse of the battered old “Royal” typewriter to the left of me that I used for this novel and for several more in this murder mysteries series prior to the advent of the word processor.  It had a frustratingly wonky W key, and still has, as I cannot bear to part with my dear old, faithful work horse.

I have been asked if Edwina Charles is my alter ego.  I have never thought so; we are nothing alike, although there has to be a slight resemblance somewhere as my mother was clairvoyant.  Another question has been my choice of a favourite character in this series.  This has to be Cyril, Mrs Charles’s half-brother.  What a joy it has been to create such a wonderfully eccentric character!

The series has continued with my latest offering, ‘Someone’s Watching’.  It will continue to grow and so, with a very big thank you to all the followers of this series who have made it so popular, please do keep tuned in!

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