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Jun 22, 2017 | blog

For many weeks now I have been wearing my second hat – the posh one on the right usually inhabited by a long-eared guy – while putting my crime fiction writing to one side to work with my husband, Alan (a designer of handcrafted mini-magic apparatus), on another special box of magic, this one featuring an Oriental theme.  My role has been principally involved with suggestions for the decorations of each individual piece of apparatus and in helping with the preparation of the instruction booklet which accompanies this box.  Forgive me if I come across as prejudiced, but I think Alan’s latest creation of hand-crafted magic is something really special.

But now…  Heigh-Ho, Mrs Charles, I’m finally back wearing my author’s hat and rarin’ to go!  I’m halfway through my thirteenth Mrs Charles Murder Mystery which I plan on publishing well in time for Christmas.

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