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Customer Trago

May 1, 2017 | blog

A mention was made by the writer of a very kind review of one of my stand alone romantic thrillers, that of the three he had read (‘Breakfast at Norman’s’ – the one he was reviewing – ‘The Butcher Bird’ and my historical romantic thriller, ‘Customer Trago’), ‘Customer Trago’ was his favourite and that he would like to read more about his adventures. I had never before thought of my own personal likes of the many books I have written, but after thinking about this, I suddenly realised that ‘Customer Trago’ is my own personal favourite and that I can’t wait to find out for myself what happened next!

Fortunately, most of the research for another Customer Trago novel in what will now become a series has been done. I live in North Cornwall within walking distance of both the 16th Century Old Wainhouse Inn of Customer’s story and the Holy Well of St James (pictured on right) where he was left to die after an assassination attempt had been made on his life. The Holy Well is much as it was back in that century, but sadly is no longer a place of pilgrimage by those making their way along the Atlantic Highway (the A39) to Spain. It is now a watering hole for the cattle which graze in the field where it is located.