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Starting this week, I will be publishing more paperback editions of my Amazon Kindle e-books.

The paperbacks that will soon be available on Amazon with the Kindle e-books of the same titles in my gangster thrillers, the East End Nine-to-Five Shelter series, will be BAD FELLAS, the third novel in this series, and then BAD SHADOWS and THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE DEAD. The first two novels in this series – BAD APPLE and GONE BAD – have already been published by me in paperback editions.

Paperback editions of my remaining eleven Kindle e-book titles in the Mrs. Charles Murder Mysteries series will follow the two already available in paperback – A MEDIUM FOR MURDER and THE TAROT MURDERS.

I am currently working on ‘Customer Trago #2’, an even more treacherous, violently bloody thriller set in the 16th Century, which again features the anti-hero of these titles, who determinedly walks around trouble in ever-increasing circles only to find himself in the dead centre of them with the hangman’s scaffold – or worse! – awaiting his attendance. This novel will likewise be published simultaneously in both e-book and paperback formats.

The sixth novel in my East End gangster thrillers and the fourteenth in my Mrs Charles Murder Mysteries will follow.

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